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Let me introduce…

February 29, 2008

a friend of mine.  He’s come back to visit me this week.


That’s correct.  How did you know I’ve been entertaining acute viral nasopharyngitis this week?

He wasn’t bad at first- he moved in and was a mild discomfort when I had to start coughing slightly.  But now he’s tagged along with me to work and destroyed my bronchial tubes.  Who knew this little capsid of RNA goodness could wreck such havoc in all aspects of my life?

He’s starting to pack up his bags, though.  He never stays longer than a few days.

 Goodbye, rhinovirus.  It was a good few days, but to be quite frank, I’m glad I won’t have to dose up on anti-cold drugs from here on out.


Ima tell you what.

February 26, 2008

Listen up naw, ya hear?

I dun tell you what. I gone and turn inta a gerriller, thas wha I did.  And ter bes part o it- no thang can stop mer naw!

I can run skip straight through buildin’s, an dat ain’t easy fo nomal folk, no sah.

Guessa gotta wur boat poachas though.  Lucky I is livin in da good state o Minnesoter.  Dey is far an few between.

Betta watch out. Iza real biggun.

My Friend Is Famous

February 23, 2008

My friend Tone Hoeft has recently had an article of his published online at Relevant Magazine:

Check it out.


February 18, 2008

Roughly three years ago the interweb was graced with a cheezeburger-loving feline that single handedly resuscitated widespread use of internet lingo.


Since dubbed as “LOLcats,” these captioned photos are supplying joy to millions and empowering internet users with a beautiful, new dialect of English.

Although I am able to introduce the subject, I cannot relay the depth of the LOL-sphere simply by describing it here. You the reader must visit stuff on my cat and I can has cheezeburger to understand the simple artfulness at which internet lingo can describe kitty photos.

There is a purpose to acquainting yourself to LOLcat lingo if you haven’t these past few years. There is a great project underway:

The LOLcat Bible

Now the blessed word of God is being translated into kitty lingo using the trustworthy medium of Wiki.

I must caution you that the LOLcat Bible is not translated from the original manuscripts, so until a Greek scholar decides to take up the mantle and become versed in LOLcat, please do not consider this an authoritative version.

Harrison Hodge-podge

February 14, 2008

A good British friend of mine, Meghan posted the following video today. The anticipation for the upcoming Indiana Jones flick has tickled me in the best way possible, so I wanted to also spread the joy:

In other news, the new director’s cut of Blade Runner is fantastic. In my humblest of opinions, it is possibly the best science fiction movie ever made. Viewing it today it’s very hard to see any dating with the film since its creation in 1982, and the unique vision of noir and futuristic cyberpunk is simply not done (as I’m aware of) in any other film.

That’s all I got.